Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's This Blog About?

This is my new blog about comics. I used to have one, simply entitled "A Blog About Comics", back in 2008 and so. I recently re-read it and deleted all but one entry, which I will probably repost here sometime.

I decided that blog didn't have enough of my own voice. Also, it was kind of pointless, mostly carping about the most popular webcomics. I want to do something different this time. You could say I'm on a quest to find out what makes a webcomic good. This may be because I'm trying to launch my own - it's here, as it is right now, yes in a blog with this same template, and it's very simple images so far. As you can tell, I have a lot to learn.

The links in the side are not necessarily recommendations. I'll say this now, because I will probably complain about some of these in the future. They are webcomics I've read, for one reason or another, more than once. In other words, they've caught my interest, and I assume they'd be interesting for other people too. I'll be adding new links as I find new comics that pique my interest.

I'm not 100 % sure what I will do here. If a webcomic really disappoints me, I might write a rant. If I really like one, I might write a rave review. But I'm more likely to discuss and analyze certain aspects of the comics, while criticizing some other aspects. I did some "eee I love this comic" gushing, as well as some "ugh, this comic sucks" hating, in the previous blog, and I don't really think that's very interesting to read in retrospect. I mean, I loved or hated it, but so what?

Brief rundown of my taste: I enjoy comics with random everyday life observations; well-written characters and character-based humor; deep thought and analysis; and/or beautiful visuals. I do not enjoy comics that are primarily about gaming, because I don't game. Comics about drinking/dating/sex tend to bore me. Many webcomics are about the web and nerd stuff, which is very on and off for me as I'm more of a semi-nerd. (My girlfriend's a total nerd, so she's managed to convert me somewhat.) I very much enjoy black humor.

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