Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Delights

I really enjoyed today's Questionable Content. Visual joke, surprise element, and Hannelore. The nightmare panel looks really good, especially the evilly gleeful devil character. More of these please, Mr Jacques.

Observations about cats in a Finnish comic blog. Mostly just visual, so should be cute for non-Finnish-speakers too. Amusingly, she renders the cat's throat sound as "Pör" (which is usually used to denote a bee's buzzing). I like to use "krrr" myself.

Speaking of observations about cats: I loved this strip at American Elf. Diary strips can be dull if it's all "this is what I did today". But Kochalka mixes his everyday observations with whimsy and imagination, and it's an irresistable mixture. Also, my cat licks like that all the time. Hee!

And a new find: Brainless Tales has got me excited. I love the vintage style and the one-panel ponderings. This usually works well for a comic (Family Circus and Ziggy being, obviously, the exceptions). There's something original to this comic, and it seems both good-hearted and hilarious so far, somewhat verging on the surreal, which is always enticing.

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