Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grumpy Feminist Comics Reader, Part Umpteenth: Questionable Content, Once Again.

I frequently feel bugged by the way Jeph Jacques writes women. They all act like "one of the guys", and I suppose that's the kind of girls a guy would mingle with. Maybe it's realistic; it's not the kind of girls I've met, but that might just be because I'm a girl. I think I wouldn't mind it if they weren't all so brittle inside. Faye's all fierce but she has major issues, ditto Dora (although we never really delved into those issues). Marigold is a socially inept nerd. Hannelore is exempt because I think her issues are actually believable.

Today's comic is fine, it could be any two girls (or guys) discussing therapy. But yesterday's comic really pissed me off. Girlfriend is mad! She is so mad and insecure that she wants to see the woman her boyfriend flirted with! And tell her that she's the prettier one! And then, instead of telling her off, the flirtee just says: "I still can't believe he's not gay!"
Hahahahahahahahahaha. Not.

Which raises another issue: when has this strip ever had a male gay character? The "less offensive" lesbians and bisexual girls have appeared several times, but where are the gay guys and transsexuals? If they're so OK with sex, why not have some of those too? Why is it still an insult and a burn for a guy to be thought gay?

Sometimes I feel like Jacques only wants to cater to horny young guys. See also: last week's strip where a girl is lulled to sleep on another girl's boobs. Honestly.

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