Sunday, November 14, 2010

Humorless Feminist Strikes Again.

I keep not wanting to write about QC, but it keeps pulling me back in! Look at this. Marten doesn't want to share his porn preferences with his girlfriend and their roommate in a PUBLIC PLACE. Shock horror! Let's go and search thru his computer to see what he likes!

Is Dora and Marten's relationship supposed to be positive and mutual? Because it comes off as pretty abusive. Being a humorless feminist, I don't think Marten needs to be the one to "wear pants". But he does need to have some say in what matters are private and his own. Otherwise, what is the relationship? Is he Dora's toy?

If we need to see what kind of porn Marten likes, here's an idea: show Marten watching porn. It doesn't have to be public to every single person in the strip universe. The viewers can see it.

On the other hand, you could just forget about it, because it's hardly character development. Unless I'm really misjudging Jeph Jacques and he's building up for a big Marten/Dora showdown about privacy and equality. Which would be kind of awesome. I doubt it though.

The strip's juvenile obsession with sex is pretty tired. If they're so OK with sex, why can't they shut up about it? I know they're supposed to be rude baristas and all that, but I think it's in poor taste to discuss masturbation and porn loudly at a café. It's just obnoxious and self-indulgent. "Aren't we cool about sex, if u don't like it then u r a prude."

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