Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Delights, Part 2

Hey, it looks like Jacques is actually doing a "Marten deserves his privacy" storyline. Maybe I misjudged him? Nice to see Marten defend himself for once, and Dora get told. We'll see where this goes, but I'm positively surprised.

Kinoko Fry reminds us of the perils of giving your pet too cute a name. Have you considered that he may not want to be named "Cinnamon"? I loved every little detail in this comic, from the nightcap on the mushroom to the sun chasing the moon away, to everything else. Awesome.

Rooster tails reminds us that imagination is awesome, even if it can make you anxious. Again, love the details, and I can definitely relate... (In fact, my boyfriend sent me this link when I was overthinking/anguishing stuff).

The Oatmeal: Why I don't cook at home.The Oatmeal's particular style of hyperbole is awesome. It's like the scientific formula of just the right amount of hyperbole to make it funny. This is also my experience of cooking at home. I love the recipe with its bison exercising and relaxing techniques. And I know it's probably not meant to be fat acceptant, but I loved that scare-tactics news item in the beginning.

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