Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Grumpy Fluey Comics Reader.

And now for my weekly Questionable Content rant! Possibly even grumpier than usual, due to my extended flu.

Marten's mother is in town - this calls for more penis jokes! And the waiter looks so much like Dora that I completely misread the first panel. I thought they were at Café of Doom, the mother was non-subtly bringing up the breakup, and Dora was meekly trying to serve them and not cause a fuss. But, of course, it's not Dora - Café of Doom doesn't serve food, and the haircolor and -style are different. Silly me! This is Dora as we last saw her. I had forgotten her hair was purple, but then this was a few weeks back. I mostly like the way the characters look (faces more so than bodies), but they need to look more distinctive.

Then they meet Tai. Apparently Marten's Mom and Tai have some mutual sex-thing going here that is pretty creepy. This is the only strip where even a mother's visit is only prelude to more sex jokes.

Will the Marten/Dora breakup lead to something? Or will they just keep talking about it ad nauseam and then get back together? Will there be more awkward sex jokes out of nowhere, while Mom's in town? Will she stay in town? Will Marten drink again? Will we see Dora talk to the psychiatrist?
All this and a lot more in the next episode of SOAP. 

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