Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Most Important PSA's You'll Ever Read!

I interrupt this blog to give you a PSA. In fact, many PSA's. In fact, so many PSA's that your head is going to spin for JESUS OUR SAVIOR because what is a comic if not a tool to spread the

"As a medical professional, I must tell you the truth. An abortion would be one of the biggest mistakes you two could make." (God will hold you accountable for MURDER!)

"Bobby died of AIDS, Jimmy O.D.'ed. And Don is into vampirism." (Rock music, even "Christian" music, is a tool in the hands of Satan!)

"This is how the Gays are changing the way little schoolkids think."  (All three kids got saved.)

"God tells us in the Bible what happened.. and He should know... He was there!"  (You're calling God a liar! Evolution is FALSE!)

"If you were a true Christian, Susan, God's angels would be at your bedside to take you to heaven." (As it is, you're dying of AIDS and rotting in Hell. Pay at the counter. Next patient!)

"Those girls are about to be sucked into a very dangerous religion called "Islam". (Mohammed did some rotten things! Quite unlike Lot, and David, and Solomon, and...)

"I heard you guys.. He went to HELL, didn't he?" "Yes, Gloria, he's lost." (I know because I am God.)

8 weeks later, Roger dropped dead. (Also, don't commit adultery because an angel will be in the room TAPING the whole thing!)

"Samuel, you were DECEIVED, but you are without excuse!" (You are, in a word, Jewish.)

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