Sunday, January 9, 2011

Drive-By Notes, Part 2

Flu strikes again: the son of the flu. But no fear, because Webcomics List is here, and I'm way overdue for another post about random comics.

(Not Quite) Daily Comic. "I'm so goth, I was born black!" Um, isn't that offensive? Or is it? Actually I'm too white to say. The drawing style of that one reminds me of a picture my grandmother had on her wall. It was made in black lace and portrayed a gentleman in a top hat and a lady with a parasol. Maybe that impression is intentional: traditional imagery, unconventional message. The previous one is also interesting: a girl dressed in a traditional dress hunting a ghost at the graveyard. Very dark and strange. Are we meant to identify with the girl's evil expression? Is she on the good or bad side? This one, on the other hand, is just disturbing for various reasons. Oh, it's only milk. But still. This is... strange. A weird and interesting comic.

Mike's Convenience. I read several strips, and I'm not sure what to say about this one. I recognize the wish to write about your own job and share the dullness with the world. I get the dull look of the comic and the Paint-esque font and everything. But if you make your main character a zombie who stands in one position with one look on his face in all strips, you're not making me like him. The customers may be idiots, but the clerk should be above their level.

Not sure what I think of Out At Home - it's a character-based comic, which may mean it's really funny or kind of dull. I haven't read enough strips to know, but this one with the various Christmas cards made me laugh. A nice way to show the characters' personalities, plus mock Christmas card traditions. Also, the rhyming card comes dangerously close to what I write on mine...

Peticanoe is another very interesting-looking strip. Careless erasership costs lives! I love that visual idea, and the idea of a stick figure drawing another stick figure. Also, Facebook: it's... just like this, really.

Panthera also piqued my interest. This Captain Planet reference is awesome.  "We made warm, bubbly mud." The drawing style is reminiscent of old school cartoons, so it's fitting. Then there are one-picture strips that look more like anime. All in all, not sure what to make of it. I'm not a huge fan of anime, mainly because it's all over the place, but I do love a comic reference back to my childhood. I'll probably check this comic again.

Hungry Roots: I haven't been reading, but I enjoyed this "thank you for reading" pic. Great mood, lots of attention to detail. It made me check some of the other strips. But I didn't get what universe it was on, or what the story was. It seems well drawn and minimalistic, but I'm not in the mood for plot-comics today. I may not really be into fantasy strips anyway, because I seem to pass on them all. Maybe it's a taste thing, or maybe I should give them a shot? Feel free to convince me I need to read fantasy strips.

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