Wednesday, January 19, 2011

QC Rant O' The Week

Maybe I give you coffee, maybe I give you PUNCH IN THE FACE. OK, I did laugh at that, and the blood splattered on the window pane. Today's strip offered some fun new visuals. However, as always with QC, I have a pet peeve to pick at. This time it's the idea that Marten has to find a new regular coffee shop. I've always hated this cliché on sitcoms: how the protagonists have to meet somewhere outside the home, so they pick a favorite coffee shop and get every breakfast, snack and dinner there. No matter how broke or unemployed they may be, they eat and drink out all the time. The reason, I always thought, is that you only have to make so many sets. Sitcoms are usually done with a tight budget. No such constraints in comics.

I can see the point of Marten visiting Dora's Café of Doom, because, well, he'd get a friend discount. Also, a busy entrepreneur may not have a lot of time to sit at home with him. But he is doing what, part-time work at a uni library? How much could he possibly make in a month? Surely not enough to sit in coffee shops all the time, drinking overpriced beverages.

The funny thing is, I wouldn't gripe if Marten's new hangout was Mars or a weird temple for an unknown deity, or something else that's creative. It just bugs me that Jacques borrows sitcom clichés for his setting, banter and events at times. Comics don't have to resemble sitcoms.

This was my QC rant of the week. Thank you for reading.

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