Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shameless Fangushing.

T-Rex's personal diary becomes a NES game in binary. This was hilarious - although I wonder if it weren't funnier if we were shown, not told. Qwantz's strength and weakness is that the images are always the same. In fact, I think this gives Ryan North no easy way out; the pictures are seen-before, so the content has to be really good. The mental image of the game is, once again, brilliant. I admire him.

I also admire The Oatmeal, whose "this is the internet in winter 2010" post inspired Tumblr to get a fail whale type error image. Straight from this post. This is awesome. The adorable Tumbeasts now greet us when Tumblr is down.

And to end our fangush o' the day, American Elf's James Kochalka has been picked Cartoonist Laureate of Vermont. Congrats! Once you finish making the grapefruit peel candy. There's something adorable about this, both in his priorities and the childlikeness of his attitude. But I'd still be pissed off if I were the agent. His cat is apparently also pissed off, for no discernible reason. My cat does that too. Don't take it personally.

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