Thursday, January 13, 2011

Grumpy Comics Reader Strikes Again.

QC may be my "comic I love to hate", but Mike's Convenience is quickly gaining more foothold in my heart as "the comic I love to hate the second most". Today's offering has a kid saying "What's up bra". Mike says nothing. End of comic. That's not a joke, it's not even a... I don't even know! I could get really hooked on a comic like this. It takes all of two seconds to look at each strip and decide it's a dud. 

As a chocolate-loving fat woman, I find this strip offensive. I'm not sure what it's trying to be, but it's just an annoying depiction of a chocolate-eating fat woman. Ugh. And I'm not sure what to say about the poem. It could be awesome and surreal, but I can't get into the world of this strip. It bugs me when this happens. Some surreal stuff is great and dreamlike, some just seems to be from another planet I don't live on. Although this isn't strictly surreal, it's more like a comic universe I don't know parodying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And I know there was fat hate in that one but it doesn't have to be repeated. 

It seems near-impossible to get into comics by reading the Webcomics List, because so many of them are plot-heavy, rely on knowledge of the story and have small details you need to look at many times. I seem to prefer one-off strips and rarely get into long stories. Does that mean I'm dumb? 

However, I love Brainless Tales and the candle who enjoys making candles. On that positive note, it's good night from me.

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