Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finds of the Day

Browsing the Webcomics list again, let's see what I hit upon.

2816 Monument seems interesting. It's a new comic, and we've got setup: a guy is looking for a roommate, and the first applicant is Captain Kittyface. I thought the "Meow?" was hilarious. However, quite a few strips are just setup with no real joke. I'm not super excited about the smoking joke either. This could get interesting, and I'll probably keep an eye on this strip.

A Town Called Alandale - the latest strip doesn't really give me any idea of what this is. The previous one seems more interesting: someone's been turned into a duck. I could have done without the "a duck?!" repetition though. The funny thing to me is the deadpan expression on the girl's face. This strip, where the duck-changing happens, is nicely paced. I love the sunglasses on the duck. This also seems like an interesting comic.

Almost Cute confused me, so I flicked a few strips back to find this reference-to-other-webcomics one. It's confusing, especially with the umbrella-ella-ella ending. But I kinda loved the whole "your sexuality is questionable" dig at QC. Heh heh. Ah, looking at this longer, it seems to mock how similar most webcomic characters really look. Heh heh, some more. I'm liking it.

Angry D. Monkey. Awesome name but - what the fuck is this? I.. huh... *stares* I feel like I'm trapped in someone else's acid hallucination.

The Brightest Comic. Hmmm. The dialogue doesn't seem any more enticing than that of QC. On the other hand, I like the girls' bodies and especially faces; they're not your typical webcomic babes. I kinda feel at home looking at them. Nice work there. Of coufse, there's a comment on the brown-clad girl's boobs, so I'm not sure if it's meant to mock her physique.

This is a very depressing comic, apparently about some kind of monster apocalypse. But the mood, the tone, the narrator's voice! It's like reading a story. I really like it. Not sure where it's going, but it seems really creative. Hughmanity - check it out.

That's all I can take at once. Might make another one of these later today or tomorrow, or might not. It seems like you can click on about ten comics, give or take; the newness and different-ness of it all gets overwhelming. Lots of great comics out there for sure!

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