Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday... Quickies.

I thought of a really bad pun for Thursdays but I'm not using it because I'm not twelve. *giggles*

I Phone, You Tube on Brainless Tales. Eons more creative than Marvin's inane IckyLeaks. It's not enough to coin a pun. In fact, if you make fun enough characters out of the brand names, you do not need a pun. Watch and learn, Marvin. Or evaporate in a cloud of smoke. Please.

Also from Brainless Tales: Pipe Dream. I love how it's a bearded man. Possibly a pirate? Do pipes really like such men? Interesting idea.

In the strange and wonderful life of Kinoko Fry: too much rice - or the exact right amount?! Also, the lettuce is half full. How much do I love this? A lot.

Mike's Convenience - ha ha, those old timers! They start every sentence with "when I was your age"! That's so funny we don't need a joke here.

(x, why?) - ha ha, those women! They have impossible demands! Poor undemanding men, what are they gonna do?

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