Thursday, January 13, 2011

Weekly QC Rant

 I don't buy Marten's Mom. I just don't. I don't have the best experience of pornstars-as-mothers, but really? "I habitually sleep with men who could be my sons"? And you tell this to your son WHY? And and... I dunno. This whole "Marten's Mom is a porn star" thing feels so fake. Marten was supposed to be the character based on Jeph himself, right? (Or was he?) The one who hates his job and loves indie music and bla bla. It just doesn't seem very likely that he
a) has a mother who's a porn star
b) is not ashamed of her mother the porn star
c) acts this way about women and sex and life in general if his mother is a porn star.
It's a weird retcon like Faye's father's suicide. It just doesn't work. You can draw it and you can tell the story but it's not believable. It might be if QC were more of a surreal/ silly humor comic. It might if weird stuff kept happening and it didn't try to be both rad and all about sex AND a relationship comic with realistic dialogue.

Also, relationship/sex puns are unfunny and the comic frequently stands at a still where nothing at all happens and no one says anything interesting. Yet I continue to read it every day. WHY?!

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